Integrated circuit packaging market analysis in China in 2014views    2015-02-04

    Integrated circuit is a miniature electronic devices or components. Adoption of a certain process that a circuit of the transistor, the diode, resistance, capacitance and inductance and components and wiring interconnection together, make on a small piece or a few small piece of semiconductor wafer or medium substrate, and then encapsulated in a tube and shell inside, as has the required the micro structure of circuit function.The so-called "packaging technology" is a kind of integrated circuit with insulation plastic or ceramic materials packaging technology.
   In recent years, along with the domestic market demand growth and expansion of the field of the global semiconductor industry, the integrated circuit industry obtained the fast development of our country. In recent years, China's integrated circuit production and sales income average annual growth rate of more than 30%.
According to forward-looking industry institute released "2014-2018 China's integrated circuit packaging industry market foresight strategic planning and investment analysis report data show that in 2008 the global financial crisis, the domestic and foreign semiconductor market showed a sharp decline in 2008 and 2009, China's IC industry sales appear negative growth.But as home appliance boost domestic demand quickly formulate and implement policy, and the international market environment gradually improved, began to appear in the second quarter of 2009 sales revenue rose trend, now has been restored to the level before the financial crisis.2012, China's integrated circuit industry sales of 2158 8, one hundred million yuan, up 37.3% from a year earlier.
    In recent years, with the rapid growth of domestic packaging companies and foreign semiconductor company transfer to China encapsulation testing capacity, China's integrated circuit encapsulation testing industry full of vitality.2012 industry sales revenue reached 103.57 billion yuan and up 6.1% from a year earlier.In 2013, industry sales will reach 110 billion yuan.