Promulgated by the state council of the national integrated circuit industry development advancementviews    2015-02-04

    In order to promote the integrated circuit industry to speed up the development, the ministry of industry and information technology, national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, ministry of finance and other departments to compile the "national integrated circuit industry development to promote outline. Promulgated by the state council formally approved.On June 24th, the department held a press conference, subsequently, the ministry website officially announced the national integrated circuit industry development promote the outline.
The national integrated circuit industry development to promote outline content is as follows:
Integrated circuit industry is the core of the information technology industry, supporting economic and social development and safeguard national security strategic, basic and industry, the origin of the current and future a period in the developing process of the integrated circuit industry important period of strategic opportunities and GongJianQi, to accelerate the development of China's integrated circuit industry, this outline.

A, The present situation and the situation
In recent years, under the market pull and policy support, China's integrated circuit industry rapid development. The overall strength significantly increased, and the integrated circuit design, manufacturing capacity and the advanced international level gap is narrowing. Encapsulation testing technology gradually close to international advanced level, some key equipment and materials to be used production line at home and abroad, have sprung up a group of pillar enterprises with certain international competitiveness, industrial agglomeration effects become increasingly obvious. IC industry, however, there is still a chip manufacturing enterprises financing difficulties, continuous innovation ability is weak, the industrial development with market demand, industrial chain each link lack of coordination, adapt to the characteristics of the industry such outstanding problems as incomplete policy environment, industry development level compared with advanced countries there is still a large gap, integrated circuit products imported in great quantities, it is difficult to for the construction of national industry core competitiveness, to ensure the safety of information and form a strong support.
    At present, the global IC industry is entering a major adjustment period. On the one hand, to speed up the adjustment on the global market, the investment scale, market share concentration accelerated to the superior enterprises. On the other hand, mobile intelligent terminal and chip in explosive growth, cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, such as rapid development of new forms, new trends appear in the evolution of integrated circuit technology;Our country has the world's largest IC market, the market demand will continue to maintain rapid growth.Under the new situation, the development of IC industry in China is facing a great challenge, which marks a rare opportunity, should give full play to the market advantage, and create a good environment for development, stimulate the enterprise vitality and creativity, drive the industry chain coordinated sustainable development, to speed up the pace of catch and transcendence, efforts to achieve the leap development of IC industry.

B, The general requirements
(a) The guiding ideology.
To deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought, the concept of scientific development as guidance, in-depth study to grasp the 2 of the 18 large and 18, the third plenary session of the spirit, to carry out all policy decisions of the CPC central committee and the state council, make the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, better give play to the role of the government, the principal position of outstanding enterprises, with demand as the guidance, the design outline and system for traction, is leading, manufacturing, equipment and materials to support, with technology innovation, model innovation and institutional innovation as the power, crack the bottleneck of industrial development, promote the integrated circuit industry breakthroughs made in key areas and the overall ascension, to realize spanning development, for the change of the pattern of economic development, national security, comprehensive national strength promotion to provide strong support.

(2) The basic principles.
Demand for traction. Relying on the market advantage, face enormous quantity wide focus of the whole machine and the information consumer demand, improve enterprise's ability to adapt the market and effective supply level, build "chip - software - machine - system - information service" industrial chain.
Innovation drive.To strengthen the enterprise technology innovation main body status, increase the intensity of research and development, combined with the national science and technology major projects implementation, break through a number of key technology of integrated circuit, synergy mechanism innovation and business model innovation.
Hard and soft.Strengthening integrated circuit design and software development of collaborative innovation, to improve the performance of hardware software development, hardware to software upgrade to promote technological progress, promote the development of information technology industry level ascension as a whole.
The key breakthrough.Strengthen the combination of market demand and technology development, the realization of involving national security and large market potential, good industrial foundation and rapid development in key areas.
Open development.Make full use of global resources, promote the development of industrial chain each link open innovation, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, increase in the global industry status and influence in the competitive landscape.

(c) The development goals.
By 2015, significant results were obtained in the integrated circuit industry development system and mechanism innovation, establish a compatible with industry law of development financing platform and policy environment.IC industry sales revenue exceeds 350 billion yuan.Some key areas, such as mobile intelligent terminal, network communications, integrated circuit design technology is close to the international first-class level.32/28 nanometers (nm) manufacturing process of scale production, the high-end packaging sales revenue accounted for encapsulation testing industry revenue ratio above 30%, 65-45 nm key equipment and 12-inch wafers and other key materials are applied on the production line.
By 2020, the integrated circuit industry with the international advanced level in the gap gradually narrowed, industry-wide sales income average annual growth rate of over 20%, a sharp increase in enterprise sustainable development ability.Mobile intelligent terminal, network communication, cloud computing, Internet of things, big data in key areas such as integrated circuit design technology reached the international leading level, industry ecology system preliminary formation.16/14 nm manufacturing scale production, encapsulation testing technology reached the international leading level, key equipment and materials to enter the international procurement system, basic construction technology advanced, safe and reliable system of IC industry.
By 2030, the main IC industry chain link has reached the international advanced level, a batch of enterprises into the international the first echelon, to realize spanning development.

C、The main task and focus

(a) Focus on the development of IC design industry. Around the key areas the industrial chain, strengthen the integrated circuit design, software development, system integration, collaborative innovation, content and services to the rapid growth of the design industry lead to the development of manufacturing industry. Recent focus on mobile intelligent terminals and network communication field, the construction of bedding face is wide mobile intelligent terminals, digital TV chip, network communications equipment, intelligent wear chip and the operating system, promote the competitiveness of the whole information technology industry. Give play to the role of market mechanism, guide and promote IC design enterprise merger and reorganization. To accelerate cloud computing, Internet of things, big data emerging areas such as the core technology research and development, the development based on new forms and new application of information processing, sensor, a new type of storage and other key chip and cloud based software such as operating systems, grab the future industrial development. Category gradually divide area and break through the smart card, smart grid, intelligent transportation, satellite navigation, industrial control, financial electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics and other key integrated circuit and embedded software, to improve the supporting ability of informatization and industrialization depth fusion.

(b) Accelerate the development of integrated circuit manufacturing. Seize the favorable opportunity of technological change, break through the investment and financing bottleneck, continue to promote the construction of advanced production lines. To speed up the 45/40 nm chip production capacity expansion, stepping up 32/28 nm chip production line construction, rapid scale production capacity. To accelerate the development of 3 d technology, promote the construction of nm 22/20, 16/14 nm chip production line.Vigorously develop analog and mixed-signal circuit, MEMS, high pressure circuit, rf circuit characteristic such as special process line.Enhance the comprehensive ability of chip manufacturing, in order to improve process capability design level, in driving the development of key equipment and materials supporting production line construction.

(c) Promote advanced encapsulation testing industry development level. Vigorously promote domestic encapsulation testing enterprise merger and reorganization, improve industrial concentration. To adapt to the evolution of integrated circuit design and manufacturing process nodes to upgrade requirements, CSP, WLP, TSV, 3d and other advanced packaging and testing technology development and industrialization.

(d) Breakthrough IC key equipment and materials. Strengthen integrated circuit equipment, materials and technology, research and development of lithography, etching, ion implantation machine and other key equipment, development of photoresist, large size wafer key materials, such as strengthening the integrated circuit and equipment, material manufacturing enterprise collaboration, speed up the industrialization process, strengthen industrial supporting ability.