Integrated circuit testing enterprise into a winnerviews    2015-02-04

In 2014 for the integrated circuit industry is still a year, more than ten years industry officially introduced in this year's biggest supporting policy, capital m&a level showing unprecedented vitality, combing industry found that the performance of a company earnings problems still have a lot of structural imbalances, encapsulation testing leading corporate performance and the design firms or mediocre, or performance decline, partly reflects the current problems existing in the integrated circuit industry.
    Center daily news, according to A shares 13 in integrated circuit enterprises, A total of six maintain year-on-year growth performance, including tai chi industrial, the long point of science and technology, through the rich micro electric three companies net profit year-on-year increase more than 100%.Beijing jun is, national technology and Shanghai Mr Bei three companies performance biggest decline, 118%, 48% and 31%, respectively.
In accordance with the integrated circuit industry upstream and downstream can be divided into design, equipment, packaging test, to create several fields, a-share companies focused on the design and packaging testing.This year almost all design companies have a hard time, several performance decline or even loss-making enterprises from all design companies.Best tongfang reported for the core earnings rose only 19%, in the electronic industry is not outstanding, but is already in the first half of the integrated circuit design class listed companies can come up with the best academic transcript.And several other design all kind of corporate performance decline.
Design performance and desolate, and the encapsulation testing end is the scenery alone good, many companies this year or even in inversion results.Long telegram of jiangsu science and technology and rich micro electric is the comparison of the two domestic well-known packaging test class enterprise, the performance center daily news this year, both companies in the first half of this year net profit of nearly 50 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 141% and 102% respectively.Another letter from gansu province enterprise huatian measurement technology, in the first half of the growth is more than 36%, the second new crystal science and technology, net profit growth of 19%.
The personage inside course of study says, because the industry foundation weak, the domestic IC industry's financial structure has long been a problem for the industry, most of the enterprise performance from government subsidies and after operation, and design class domestic enterprises are faced with the problem is also has a long history.As is known to all, the top domestic integrated circuit industry in the lack of resources, in other words the lack of design class enterprise with core competitiveness, thus design companies to survive in the cracks of state for a long time, can only be obtained in the boom of downstream products is high good performance.Such ills are obvious, that is the boom of market segments with high uncertainty.
    And OEM mode, with the scale of size packaging manufacturing industry is the impact of the technical level is relatively small.Analysts said, as long as the quality is no problem and guaranteed capacity, whether domestic or foreign orders, these vendors are to digest, and the more well-known manufacturers, the moat, the more stable after entering the supply chain.
    In recent years, with the intelligent terminals, mobile phone, tablet, wearable electronic degree from all walks of life more and more high, even it also makes the demand of integrated circuits.In fact, both foreign and domestic IC design companies, in recent years because of capacity problems are major headache, a relatively stable packaging production line, is the industry of nation, which is encapsulated in recent years the cause of the enterprise performance is guaranteed.Before it is worth noting that in the country's integrated circuit industry support plan, will also be locked resources in assembly and manufacturing.
    Before nasdaq-listed spreadtrum, RuiDi, : science and technology have been purple light group and pudong branch for acquisition and from nasdaq delisting, analysts said, late these companies are expected to landing a-share market, this is likely to break the current situation.The three companies are IC design enterprises, the first two focus on communications, : science and technology to do box chips.From the point of enterprise competitiveness and financial data, the strength of these companies are more than the current a-share IC design companies, they join in hopes of breaking the a-share IC design enterprise army strength weak situation.