The development of the global integrated circuit equipment industryviews    2015-02-04

  Circuit equipment industry is technology update cycle, is short of extremely strong technical barriers. The high degree of market monopoly brings enormous market barriers, and customer cooperation between competition bring features such as high recognition barriers. Thus formed the level of integration and development of production outsourcing, strategic alliance mode. Draw lessons from foreign advanced strategy pattern and the development of integrated circuit and its equipment industry, are particularly important.

The main mode of international integrated circuit equipment industry development

1、Represented by the use of material level consolidation pattern. Horizontal integration refers to the enterprise by way of merger and reorganization of control or has superior enterprises in the industrial chain. New product development in order to achieve lower costs, achieve economies of scale and rapid new field layout effect, such as typical representative is currently the world's largest integrated circuit equipment maker applied materials companies in the United States. They are mainly include the comprehensive assessment of enterprise mergers and acquisitions. In a certain field has competitive advantage in the world, they lack of core technology in the field of the related enterprises, through the core technology, market demand and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation. If we can make sure you make the enterprise more complete integral layout through mergers, more comprehensive effect can make a group, are strong in, to ensure the sustained and healthy development of enterprises.2 it is to increase mutual trust after m&a integration.In the application of materials in the merger and acquisition (m&a) activity, most of the merged enterprise complete preserved in the form of division, and the original management mostly can continue to get reuse.Attaches great importance to and to be in the process of enterprise merger and acquisition enterprise and mutual trust fusion of top management, in order to ensure to achieve the goal of win-win to win more.

2、Professional skills and only keep the core value creation activities, thus comparable enterprise itself engaged in such activities have higher efficiency and create greater value.Escitalopram Moore company typical is the Netherlands. They mainly include: the outsourcing non-core businesses.Its business mainly locate in system design, customer service, and other core value creation activities, and most of the components, modules, assembly and other business outsourcing, will be a valuable human resources and r&d strength concentrated into its own set of core value creation activities.The second is to strengthen cooperation with suppliers.Regularly for partners from swift, technology level and product quality, logistics cost control and so on four aspects to evaluate, requires no defect quality, logistics, rapid and reliable, and technology advancing with The Times, under the precondition of the pursuit of the lowest cost, and provide the necessary technical support to suppliers at any time.To strengthen itself and the economic cycle of integrated circuit equipment suppliers and minimize the impact of degree of industry of form a complete set. On a regular basis to the supplier to provide for the forecast of the future market, can ensure that suppliers can timely delivery, and avoid the backlog of inventory risk.

3、Represented by the Dutch escitalopram Moore production service outsourcing model. Production service outsourcing model is outsourcing non-core business to in a certain field or link with more independent manufacturers. Represented by South Korea international electric mode of strategic alliance.Strategic alliance is a partnership between independent enterprises, and take advantage of each other's resources, such as the core competitiveness, seek common ground and maximize the interests of both sides each other's interests. Mode of strategic alliance with South Korea's second-largest international electric integrated circuit equipment manufacturers the most typical. They mainly include: one is to establish technical cooperation development alliance. With the south Korean government support, the international electrical actively promote establish strategic alliance with samsung to promote related technologies through strategic alliance, further reducing dependence on foreign equipment makers. International electronics and samsung form strategic alliances, and maintaining the independence of each other. It can not only contribute to the mutual use of resources to each other, to achieve the original unilateral difficult to achieve certain goals. Including the development of new products, entering new markets, more help to the international electrical in-depth grasp customer needs, enhance product quality, shorten the development cycle, improve market share, sharply reduce the management risk, which is mutually beneficial and win-win for both sides.

The enlightenment to the development of integrated circuit equipment industry

1、Choose the appropriate development model. Due to technical barriers in the integrated circuit and equipment industry, market barriers and barriers to customer recognition is extremely high, domestic huge market basically by applied materials. Mr. Moore, Tokyo power kechuang dominated the United States, such as colin r&d industry leading and domestic a few units can only provide a small amount of low technical content of peripheral equipment, its self-sufficiency rate of equipment is less than 5%. In this case, promote IC equipment industry development, the strategies adopted by the model is very important. Horizontal consolidation pattern can quickly enter the field, but the high demand for capital strength, coupled with "watt st that agreement" embargo technology for China, this kind of chances.And production service outsourcing is not feasible, because there are no equipment in the domestic business has the need to distinguish between the core value activities to focus on the scale of the enterprise resources. More feasible strategy, therefore, is to take strategic alliance mode, promote equipment manufacturers, fabs and related industry cooperation research and development of new technologies, develop new markets, improve market share.

2、An alliance with relevant domestic industries. Related departments should actively promote 43 and other equipment, and domestic fabs, related industries to establish strategic alliance. Strategic alliance cooperation should be included in the content of fabs guarantee related articles of procurement, under the same quality premise encourage fabs the local equipment, improve the market share of domestic equipment. Such as South Korea in recent years, actively promote international electronics and samsung to strengthen cooperation through strategic alliance mode, improving the domestic integrated circuit equipment self-making ratio, present level has reached to 46.7%. If the alliance to develop competitive equipment, set up after successful business model, can be on the basis of the joint venture further, this not only ensure the joint venture have relatively stable market demand, but also conducive to the integrated circuit manufacturers to effectively reduce the concentration of the supply chain risk, in-depth grasp the key technology.

3、Cooperation with the world's leading enterprises. Despite the global leading company in the field of integrated circuit and equipment has advantages in the short term is difficult to break, but international companies to reduce the production cost and close to the end market. Based on considerations of the date of delivery at the same time, continue to promote the core parts in the production of domestic supplies. Especially the accelerating Shanghai free trade zone, the global leading enterprises have set up branches and production bases in free trade zone, providing fast and reliable service, meet the procurement needs of China's integrated circuit manufacturers. Hefei should actively seize this rare historical opportunity, through foreign equipment dealer authorized OEM business, actively carry out cooperation to establish strategic alliance, and strengthening science and technology research and development, shorten the learning curve and enhance the level of technology and increasing demand of self-making ratio and market share both at home and abroad.