Semiconductor demand for the next four years Automobile electronic leadviews    2015-02-04

   According to market mechanism IC Insights, semiconductor end product application of diffusion effect, such as the offset laptops and mobile phones growth slows. Since 2013 to 2018, automotive related electronic growth will be the strongest, compound annual growth rate of 10.8%, followed by communication related wafer growth rate 6.8%, industrial/medical applications also have 5.7%, better than the overall market annual compound growth rate of 5.5%.
    IC Insights for the next few years semiconductor applications to make statistics, for the next four years (to 2018) semiconductor terminal application include automotive electronics, communications, industrial/medical applications, government/military, consumer electronics and computer application and so on six big output growth rate, according to the compound annual growth rate ranking, automobile application 10.8% strongest, followed by 6.8%, 5.7% of industrial, government, consumer electronics, computer related to 4.1% and 3.3% 4.1%.
    Compound annual growth rate of 10.8%
    IC Insights said, until 2018, the overall IC market annual compound growth rate of about 5.5%, automobile application growth rate 10.8%, automotive applications, the strongest growth is mainly due to lower the base period in the past, most of today's car is not a large number of imported semiconductor technology, another reason is that with the continuous progress of science and technology, plant began to think about import semiconductor technology to improve vehicle safety and traffic efficiency, including communication technology, video record, and various auxiliary driving related automation system.
    IC Insights statistics, this year the overall IC application market is still in communication, for most, the output value as high as $107.4 billion, followed by computer applications, related to the value of $103.7 billion, automotive electronics related only $21.7 billion, in addition to the below communication with computer related, $35.3 billion less than consumer electronics, base is relatively low, but the output is 1% growth year on year.