Most of China's integrated circuit for ten years, rising national strategy in the futureviews    2015-02-04

    As an emerging strategic industries, integrated circuit suffered a great deal of attention during the two sessions this year and cause a lot of discussion. Meet the country's support and the good policy, the transformation of the integrated circuit industry is at hand, and will enter a new stage of development and be expected to show in the world market.

    National integrated circuit industry a new round of the upcoming supporting policies and will inevitably bring significant positive to the integrated circuit industry. May be conducive to further consolidate the IC industry in the leading position in the strategic emerging industries.

    Countries to support the integrated circuit industry in the reached ten years.In two sessions this year, the government work report in 2014, the key work in the "innovation to support and lead economic structure optimization and upgrading" part put forward the "entrepreneurial innovation platform to set up the emerging industry, in a new generation of mobile communications, integrated circuit, big data, advanced manufacturing, catch up with the advanced new energy, new materials, etc, to lead the future industrial development". Localization policy releasing layout for the industry related company not only has brought the best fighter, also bring new entrants into the perfect opportunity.

    In the face of such a favorable policy support, integrated circuit industry is bound to seize the opportunity and actively to carry on the transformation and upgrading.In recent years, as China's IC manufacturing and packaging technology, semiconductor technology has entered the development pattern of innovation, in this new mode of development mature and new enterprises of the technology gap is not so obvious, companies compete more overall development ability and the speed of entering the market.Some domestic semiconductor equipment, has successfully break the international giant monopoly achieved in the international and domestic advanced chip production line production records.In addition, there will be concentrated and centralized human, adjust the policy, we should encourage strong enterprises to integrate acquisitions, bigger and stronger, in this way for a place in the international market.

    National policy tilt, make the growth of China's IC market in the future. In the future, policy will help establish a diversified and multi-channel investment in science and technology system and widely attract social capital. Enterprises should seize the opportunities, pay attention to cultivating the core production technology and core technology, its own core competitiveness.